digital Master class

Piloted in 2015, and launched in 2018, Oscar Habeenzu, the Digital Maestro, in partnership with Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd, have trained and coached over 150 professionals and business owners, in over 50 companies, in Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe using his Digital Marketing Master Class.

The Course Modules
In the Digital Maestro Class, you will learn seven modules and over 40 topics, over 28 hours, in order to become a master in Digital Marketing for any African setting.

Module #01: Internet & Social Media Fundamentals (7 Topics)
Module #02: Content Marketing (6 Topics)
Module #03: Digital Advertising (7 Topics)
Module #04: Email & Mobile Marketing (4 Topics)
Module #05: Digital Public Relations (7 Topics)
Module #06: Consumer Behaviour & Analytics (6 Topics)
Module #07: Digital Marketing Strategy (5 Topics)

Who Can Attend?
The Digital Marketing Master Class is open to business owners, executives, managers, marketers, parents, church leaders, inidividuals, and any groups wanting to learn practical and relevant Digital Marketing for African settings. Age, Minimum Qualification are not an issue, time, willingness, and a teachable heart are important.

The Learning Model
There are three types of classes available that you can choose from.

Online Coaching – Class done via Video Conferencing with the Digital Maestro.
In Person Coaching – Meetings over coffee with the Digital Maestro (Joburg, Pretoria).
At Premises Classes – On site, by arrangement with the Digital Maestro.

Online Coaching – R2,800
In Person Coaching – R2,800
At Premises Classes – R2,800/person + Transport & Subsistance

Client References
The Digital Maestro has several success stories, with a detailed client portofolio available here. Contactable references are available on request.

This course is done in partnership with Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd, a South African media company with publications in South Africa, Botswana, East African Community, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Zambia, hence only available in those countries.